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Please Ignore

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Apologies for the design changes going on around here. I’m trying to find a template I like. I might be forced to upgrade so I can alter the CSS because even though a few of the templates come this close to getting it right I haven’t found one that gets it all right. Pardon the dust.

Cutest Little Elephant You Ever Did See

And no, I ain’t talking about my own fat self although I AM rather fetching.

YouTube – Rose-Tu and Calf outside with Chendra

Courtesy of Cute Overload.

Just Another Note About My Twitter Stream

Just another little note re: Twitter. I am using it mainly to record what I’m eating, how quitting smoking is treating me and cravings I am experiencing. I want to keep a record of such things so I can see how my moods fluctuate throughout the day. I’m also recording weight and health statistics along with notes and reminders.

Just a Quick Note

I’m Twittering now. You can find me here. There is also a list of my recent Tweets over in the sidebar. I’ll be using Twitter for stuff too random or short to blog here.