This Is Not Your Safe Space

So here’s the deal: I’m fat. I’m trying to be less fat and more healthy. I’m blogging about this because it just doesn’t seem fair that I should suffer alone. I will probably be talking about a lot of personal stuff and swearing a lot and generally making more well-adjusted readers feel uncomfortable. If you choose to stick around you have only yourself to blame.

This is a weird process and if I’m going to get through it at all I’m going to need to be brutally honest and that means that no matter who you are I am probably eventually going to say something you find offensive. You can call me out on it if you want and I’ll try to listen but I can’t promise we’ll all learn lessons and hold hands and grow as people.

I am not eloquent. I am not graceful. I’m not even all that smart. But I am honest and, hey, that counts for something, right?


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