Losing More. Losing Fast.

I never thought I’d actually be saying this but I think I might be losing weight a little TOO quickly*. I’m fourteen pounds down in less than two weeks. I realize that a lot of that is water weight but sheesh. The thing is I can’t eat any more than I am already eating. Eating low carb has suppressed my appetite and I have to force myself to eat come dinner time.

On the other hand I feel absolutely fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good. Cutting out sugar has made a HUGE difference as has quitting smoking (working on day five!) Whatever it is that’s happening in the mysterious jungle of my innards it’s making me feel happy and healthy.

So do I add more carbs to slow down weight loss but possibly start feeling like crap again? Or do I sit back and enjoy this and figure that it will even out eventually?

*I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a wee thrill out of writing those words but that way lies disordered eating–something I don’t need any more of.


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