Dammit Mother!

So I go to visit my mother this evening and she has of course just pulled a delicious hot steaming meatloaf out of the oven. My mother makes the best meatloaf in the entire world but she puts so many breadcrumbs in it I might as well be eating Pixie Sticks on white bread ala Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club

“You didn’t happen to go light on the breadcrumbs this time did you?” I ask her hopefully, knowing what the answer will be. “Of course not. Why would I?” My mother fully supports my attempt at low carb living but she’s not ready to take the plunge yet.

I very nearly gave in and had a piece. After all, how bad can a big hunk of meat be? But before I did I took a peek at the carb count and ingredient list on the bread crumbs. Then I backed slowly out of the kitchen and drove home crying. Crying but meatloaf-free.


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